Permissions when using the native apps

The native app requires various permissions depending on how you use it:

Location is required by the app when you choose to either show your location or use the auto-follow feature.

Background location is needed when using auto-follow because the app still needs to work when the screen is off.

Notifications are required by the auto-follow feature to show changes in the audio track.

Network access is required to load the map tiles as you move the map.

Audio  access is required to playback the audio trails.

Location information is used solely to update the map in the native app and to automatically trigger playback of audio on the audio trails.
Location data is not submitted to any external server and is not retained in any form by A Hackney Autobiography.


Cookies on the Website

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The tables below list the cookies you may encounter when using this site:

Cookies set by AHA

Name Purpose Expires
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Provider Name Purpose More info


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