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Working Women: An Audiotour for the 55 bus

3 / 10 Mare Street / Victoria Park Road, Stop R

Look out for the Iceland supermarket on the right, at the junction with Well Street. In 1929 this was a clothes factory, scene of an extraordinary musical protest. The story began when the factory bosses decided to move to Edmonton without consulting the women and girls who worked there. To raise money and morale, they marched around singing witty songs about their plight.

Maggie Hewitt (pictured) researched the ‘singing strikers’ with a women’s history group at Centerprise.

We are the Rego strikers
We are no dirty shirkers
We mind our manners
Behind our union banners
We want justice
Wherever we go.
When we went to Edmonton
They thought they had us whacked!
But we know we’re in the right
And we’re sure to win the fight
We are the Rego Girls.


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Maggie Hewitt at Centerprise, photographer unknown